No, Shitty_Watercolour and I are not the same person

Shitty_Watercolour and I had a bit of fun earlier this week, spontaneously deciding to imply we are the same person, but I figure a true explanation should exist somewhere.

On Wednesday, August 8, 2012, in response to Rawtashk’s amazing 44-hour kitchen remodel, I post my Etch A Sketch interpretation as a comment. OP states that he is honored and expresses a desire for a watercolor from S_W, which S_W delivers.

Being a cheeky bastard, S_W lets the corner of an Etch A Sketch show in his photo. Reddit throws a fit, I cough up a lung laughing and decide to play along. I respond to the predictable accusations (ironic or not) with denial. But what’s this? A (possibly) freshly used watercolor set encroaches on the corner of my photo!

This seals it for some (despite the fact that it’s photoshopped—I got this from google images). S_W then responds with his Shitty_Etch_A_Sketch account, including recent watercolors in the background. This proved to be counterproductive in terms of the hoax, as many point out that S_E_A_S and I have different models of the Pocket Etch A Sketch. Despite this, many still appear to be convinced that S_W and I are one and the same.

Perhaps I should also mention that andrewsmith1986 is not me, despite this little number. When someone asked him for proof I couldn’t resist handing it to him.

All in all, this unplanned event proved to be the highlight of my week. Unfortunately, however, I cannot take credit for S_W’s prolific body of work.

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