Hello, I am doing an assignment on the Etch a Sketch. One of the questions are 'What is the function of your toy?' I have looked on the internet and can't find a thing, so what would you say? from hilstar421-deactivated20131210

Short answer: it’s a drawing toy

Engineering answer: it’s a lineographic drawing tool with a non-intuitive interface that can be erased and reused indefinitely, making it good for travel.

Philosophical answer: it’s a toy that challenges a person’s motor skills and adaptability of his or her brain in a unique way, sort of like a Rubik’s cube or even those children’s games where you match the blocks to their corresponding holes. It presents a non-intuitive interface to the user, and challenges him or her to adapt. There is appeal to new challenges for people at any age, which is why people play games in the first place.

Personally accurate answer: the function of my Etch A Sketch is to produce intricate artwork either to sell or simply share with the internet.

Let Me Animate That Etch A Sketch For You

To celebrate my reddit birthday, I created an animated Etch A Sketch drawing!

The specific animation has a rich history on reddit…

In January 2011, reddit user SuriIllAnimateThat attempted to challenge the illustrious Sure_Ill_Draw_That with an animated gif. He instead incited a chain of events that would take his artwork to a still Etch A Sketch, a fake animated Etch A Sketch, and even a few bosoms.

Two years later, I decided to take the joke to its logical conclusion by animating the sketch with video proof of its authenticity, here.